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 Indicate the document that is pending for reviewer to review the document and the due date for the Reviewer to take action. 

Steps to review document: 

  • Click Document 
  • Click Pending Process 
  • Click Pending Review 
  • Reviewer can see the document details such as document name, document number, revision number, review due date, etc. 
  • Click Action icon at action column. 
  • Click Enlarge View icon to view the document. 
  • Key in the comments at the My Comment box (compulsory) 
  • Eg. Key in “Agreed” if you agree with the document content. 
  • Add suggestion at My Suggestion box (optional) 
  • Eg. If you have any suggestion to improve the content of the document. 
  • Select Yes to agree the document otherwise No to reject the document. 
  • Click Submit to complete the review 
  • Creator will receive email notification to proceed for next action. 
  • Notes: 

    • Reviewer can retrieve their own “Pending Review Document” from either Pending Review or Document Bulletin. 
    • Document creator can see who has not yet review the document and the due date given to the reviewer to review the document. 
    • System will automatically send email notification to Reviewer in daily basis when the document in past due. 

    ** The time is base on America/New_York timezone