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A feature for making major changes on approved document. Any revise document shall be sent for review and approval again. Upon approval, Document Revision Number will be automatically updated Eg. From Revision 1 to Revision 2. 

Steps to revise document: 

  • Click Document  
  • Click Document Listing 
  • Click Revise icon for the document you intend to revise 
  • Key in Reason of Changes / Revise 
  • Why do you want to revise the document. 
  • Click Revise to proceed to the edit document page. 
  • At the Edit Document page, 
  • Remove the current document
  • Click Attach Main Document 
  • Navigate to the file you want to upload to the system. 
  • Click Open to upload document 
  • Attach Supporting Document (optional): 
  • Click Attach Supporting Document 
  • Navigate to the file user want to attach 
  • Click Open to upload document 
  • Attach Reference Document (optional): 
  • Click the related document
  • Click Update to proceed to Send Document for Review 
  • Step to Send Document for Review: 

  • Select Review Due Date (optional) 
  • To set the due date for reviewers to review the documents. 
  • Select Reviewer(s) 
  • Click Submit. 
  • niix System will automatically notify Reviewer via email to review document. 
  • Notes: 

    • While an Approved Document is being revising, users will still be able to view the current revision document. 
    • Reason for Change/Revise: (mandatory filed). This is to help reviewer and approver to know the reason of revising and changing the document. 
    • There are two options when revising the document –Save to Draft and Revise. 
    • When the document has been Revised and Approved, system will automatically: 
    • Display the latest revision document in the Document Master List. 
    • Update document revision number, for example from Revision 1 to Revision 2. 
    • Old revision document is archived at “Document History” with the options whether it is accessible or not accessible. 

    ** The time is base on America/New_York timezone