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Last updated on Dec 13, 2021 06:12 in NIIX Software Portal
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Beginner's guide on How to setup and start using your NIIX ISO Document Management Software 

For first time user, before you proceed to use your NIIX NIIX ISO Document Management Software  there are few IMPORTANT thing you need to follow to avoid problem in future.

Steps need to follow on how to setup your company:

Step 1 Single Sign-On (SSO)  -https://youtu.be/m93aZ8AXoK0

Step 2 Create Department - https://youtu.be/uKgydwMzmT4

Step 3 Create New User - https://youtu.be/9oiWc97b1iE

Step 4 Assign User to Access Specific NIIX System - https://youtu.be/WBAn89mzw9c

** The time is base on UTC timezone