How to revise a document via NIIX ISO DMS Software? 76 0

Last updated on Dec 22, 2021 13:00 in ISO Document Management software
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You may refer to the User Manual in the NIIX ISO DMS Software for the steps to revise the document. 

Steps to revise a document:  

1. Click Document

2. Click Document Listing

3. Select document from Document Master List or search result

4. Click Revise

5. At Reason of Changes / Revise (compulsory field), type the reason why you want to revise the document (the text will be displayed in Document Change Record)

6. Click Revise to proceed

7. Make necessary changes to the department selection, category, document name, supporting document, reference document, etc.

8. Click Update to proceed to revise document content

9. Update document content accordingly

10. Select Reviewer(s)

11. Review Due Date (optional) is to set the due date for reviewers to review the documents.

12. Click Submit. (System will automatically send email notification to Reviewer)

13. Click Save to Draft button to save the document

14. Click Clear to clear changes made

15. Click Back to return back to previous page

** The time is base on UTC timezone