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Last updated on Oct 03, 2022 19:17 in ISO Document Management software
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The draft document that has not yet been reviewed will be stored here. Only the creator of the document can retrieve their own draft document from “Send for Review”. 

Steps to Send Document for Review Document: 

  • Click Document 
  • Click Pending Process 
  • Click Send for review 
  • Click Edit at the selected document to continue creating the document 
  • Make the necessary changes to the document as needed. 
  • Click Update and proceed to Send Document for Review. 
  • Step to Send Document for Review: 

    • Select Review Due Date (optional) 
    • To set the due date for reviewers to review the documents.
    • Select Reviewer(s) 
    • Click Submit. 
    • NIIX System will automatically notify Reviewer via email to review document. 


    • Creator can retrieve their own document from either Document Bulletin or Send for Review page then continue to send the document for review. 
    • System allows document to be sent to multiple reviewers at the same time. 

    ** The time is base on UTC timezone