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Last updated on Oct 04, 2022 07:30 in ISO Document Management software
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Confidential folder is the documents that deems to be sensitive information that must be protected. Access is restricted to particular groups of people with the necessary security clearance. Access rights need to be assigned accordingly if the user is authorized to view the documents which are confidential such as non-disclosure agreements , contracts and etc.


1. Document Creator can categorize a document as Confidential during Create New Document, Edit Document and Revise Document process. 

2. Confidential document can only be accessed by Creator, Reviewer, Approver and Executive Administrator.

3. Creator can assign the access rights to any other users whom their user security level is Manager, Administrator or Executive Administrator.

4. An icon will appear next to the document name in the Document Report page, it indicates this particular document is a Confidential Document. 

Steps to assign Confidential Document access rights

• Click Document. 

• Click Confidential.

• Click Assign at the document which you want to assign the access rights. 

• Click User Access Selection.

• Tick the checkbox at the user(s) to be assigned the access rights.

• Click Submit.

** The time is base on UTC timezone