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Last updated on Oct 03, 2022 19:32 in ISO Document Management software
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An informative page to show the list of department created in the database. Users can also retrieve the information of how many documents have been created under a particular department and whether the document is categorized under Quality Manual, Procedure, Work Instruction, Form and etc.  NIIX ISO DMS Software allow user to create unlimited number of depart

Steps to Sort Department List Sequence:

  • Click Sort Department List Sequence 
  • Click Reset Priority Off
  • When Reset Priority On, user are able to drag and drop the department list.
  • Notes:

    • Authorized user can create multiple departments in the NIIX ISO DMS Software.
    • Department name listing in Document Master List, Document Report, Document Status, and Department List can be set accordingly. If no listing priority is selected, system will list department name
    • Authorized user can sort department list sequence. After drag and drop, priority listing will be change in Document Master List, Document Report, Document
    • Status and Department List

    ** The time is base on UTC timezone