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Last updated on Oct 03, 2022 19:52 in ISO Document Management software
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Setup scheduler to automatically generate and send standard report to selected users. 

Steps to schedule report and select users: 

  • Click Admin 
  • Click Schedule Report 
  • Select Document Type (Approval Document, Pending Review Document, Pending Approval Document or Draft Document) 
  • At Reminder Send By, select either by Daily, Weekly or Monthly 
  • Select the Users whom will receive the report. The selection can be filtered by User Security Level such as Executive Admin, Admin, Manager, Supervisor and General User 
  • Click Submit 
  • Click Clear to clear changes made 
  • Notes: 

    • Report can be scheduled to automatically generate and send to selected users via email either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. 
    • Among the auto generate reports include: 
    • Report of Approved Document, 
    • Report of Approved Document by department, 
    • Report of Pending Review Document, 
    • Report of Pending Approve Document, 
    • Report of Draft Document. 

    ** The time is base on UTC timezone